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November 2016

Asutralian BBQ Avari Lahore Lifestyle Restaurant Review Reviews

Review: Australian Food Festival at Avari Lahore

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  • November 19, 2016
There’s nothing like crisp and clear November nights in Lahore. Being accustomed to the chill the season brings, it gives more reason to enjoy outdoor evening weather. To get the most out of the evenings what better than warm outdoor lighting and live Barbecue – a perfect evening! That’s what Avari Hotels Australian Food Festival has brought together – Australia’s favorite pastimes; barbecuing and Lahore’s passion and love for Food!

The Australian Food Festival at Avari Lahore was arranged at The Tollington – hotel’s very popular Pakistani BBQ area. We were welcomed with an amazing Australian set-up. Walking through the famous Sydney Opera House, the kangaroos display and the Sydney Harbour Bridge backdrop all gave that Australian feels to the entire place.

Perth based Chef Jesse Hands had flown to Lahore to serve quintessential Aussie BBQ with authentic Australian spices, beef, lamb and seafood all imported from Australia. We were able to get our hands on some of Australia’s best meaty treats offering a fresh Aussie twist to our traditional Lahori BBQ experience.
Australian’s love barbecue or barbie ( as they call it) possibly more than we do. The myriad  of mouth-watering meaty cuts and indigenous flavors highlight the influence of all the ethnicities and the centuries old aboriginals techniques, making modern Australian Food uniquely Australian. It is very different from the spicy Lahori BBQ, the taste and flavors were subtle yet very well balanced. The meat was cooked to perfection. 
It was not an all-meat kind of an event it also included some authentic Aussie desserts which were delicious! 
I’m a true carnivore and a foodie at heart so my plate was full of all things meat (not guilty!). For me it was an amazing experience to taste authentic Australian Barbecue – sausages, steaks, seafood, lamb and of course the sides to go with it.
If you’re a carnivore at heart too, then this Aussie BBQ and Australian Food Festival at Avari Lahore is a perfect treat for you. You get a full all-you-can-eat spread for Rs. 2499 + tax that includes live Aussie barbecue, salad bar, side dishes and desserts.
Australian Food Festival has definitely brought food lovers in Lahore a taste of the best Australian BBQ!
Ceramics Fab Grab Kitchen Finds Reviews

Fab Grab : Gorgeous Blush Pink Mug by Clayworks

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  • November 9, 2016
I am absolutely obsessed with mugs at the moment and for an avid-chai drinker like I am, it’s pretty normal I suppose. I mean how can you not buy the most gorgeous looking Mug and not make it a part of your life? You just can’t do that! And this gorgeous Blush Pink Mug with gold accents by Clayworks is just so pretty that it is now a fancy addition to my Mugs Collection.

Chai or Coffee has become our daily staple. It’s more like a morning, afternoon or an evening ritual something we just can’t do without and as they say “Good tea needs a Good cup” (in my case mug) it’s only fair that we choose to enjoy it in a fabulous mug. And this mug rightly serves that purpose. It’s gorgeously elegant, the gold accents perfectly compliment the color and make it look all-so-fancy and super classy.
Clayworks  is the manufacturer of ceramic tableware and fun ceramic accessories. They have a huge variety of ceramic tableware and accessories that are equally unique and fabulous. The mug is priced at Rs. 1200 and the best thing it is microwave safe. You can order it through Clayworks Facebook page here or from their outlets in Lahore and Islamabad. In Karachi they stock at Ensemble and for online purchasing you can buy their products from
This mug is also available in Powder Blue and that too is really pretty. So, if you have a chai partner who is as enthusiastic about chai as you are you can order his & her mugs from clay works in blush pink and powder blue. And if you don’t like having chai in mug, they have teacup and saucer sets in blush pink and powder blue too – they’ve got everyone covered. They do customized orders as well, for details visit their Facebook Page and you can view more of their products and popular items on their Instagram page.
Everyday chai just got fancier with this oh so feminine mug. I Adore the color and that gold touch to it. As much as I like it for myself, it definitely would make a perfect gift for those chai-obsessed or mug-obsessed friends too!
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