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New Electrifying Sting TVC 2015

The series of STING TVCs are just perfect at conveying what Sting Energy Drink can do – Energize You! And this time around Sting is back with yet another Interesting Concept “Open Waters”, a Brand New Commercial with a very Electrifying Tag Line “Energy ka Jhatzzka”

The new Sting TVC takes you on a fun Water boat ride, but wait a minute …. What?? The motor died – The Problem. The cute looking guy on the boat has Sting – Gulp it and then the amazing dance moves (I bet you want to learn those) got all energized and swings the motor back in action – Problem Solved! (oh yeah!)

Sting commercials never fail to amuse you and have a unique way of conveying to consumers that they can actually do things which they thought they cant do. From running escalators to running Ferris wheel and now a boat there is nothing that you can’t do. All you need is an #EnergyKaJhatzzka by Sting and consider your problem solved.

The New Sting TVC appeared online and seems like Sting digital has re-started with this new commercial.  With its digital presence lets wait and see what more Sting Digital has to offer.

If you haven’t seen the commercial yet, don’t feel left out I’ve got it here for you:

Sting – #EnergyKaJhatzzzka
The #EnergyKaJhatzzzka is back and this time it’s here to electrocute all! Are you ready?
Posted by Sting Energy Drink on Monday, May 11, 2015

And for those who would suggest Sting is a dangerous product imploring young people to risk their lives in pursuit of thrills I say more power to them. In my opinion, Sting’s message is a far sight more aspirational than most drinks advertising.

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