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Fab Grab : Gorgeous Blush Pink Mug by Clayworks

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  • November 9, 2016
I am absolutely obsessed with mugs at the moment and for an avid-chai drinker like I am, it’s pretty normal I suppose. I mean how can you not buy the most gorgeous looking Mug and not make it a part of your life? You just can’t do that! And this gorgeous Blush Pink Mug with gold accents by Clayworks is just so pretty that it is now a fancy addition to my Mugs Collection.

Chai or Coffee has become our daily staple. It’s more like a morning, afternoon or an evening ritual something we just can’t do without and as they say “Good tea needs a Good cup” (in my case mug) it’s only fair that we choose to enjoy it in a fabulous mug. And this mug rightly serves that purpose. It’s gorgeously elegant, the gold accents perfectly compliment the color and make it look all-so-fancy and super classy.
Clayworks  is the manufacturer of ceramic tableware and fun ceramic accessories. They have a huge variety of ceramic tableware and accessories that are equally unique and fabulous. The mug is priced at Rs. 1200 and the best thing it is microwave safe. You can order it through Clayworks Facebook page here or from their outlets in Lahore and Islamabad. In Karachi they stock at Ensemble and for online purchasing you can buy their products from
This mug is also available in Powder Blue and that too is really pretty. So, if you have a chai partner who is as enthusiastic about chai as you are you can order his & her mugs from clay works in blush pink and powder blue. And if you don’t like having chai in mug, they have teacup and saucer sets in blush pink and powder blue too – they’ve got everyone covered. They do customized orders as well, for details visit their Facebook Page and you can view more of their products and popular items on their Instagram page.
Everyday chai just got fancier with this oh so feminine mug. I Adore the color and that gold touch to it. As much as I like it for myself, it definitely would make a perfect gift for those chai-obsessed or mug-obsessed friends too!
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Fab Grab Kitchen Finds Reviews

Fab Grab: Mitti Pow Chai Mug

I’m an avid morning-tea drinker, mornings without chai (tea) are sad, boring and incomplete. Although I’m not a morning-breakfast person but I definitely am the morning-chai person. Which makes me a collector of fun, quirky, colorful mugs too (apparently all the ones I’m attracted to) and the moment I saw this Mitti Pow Mug it was love-at-first-sight-kind-of-attraction.

“Mitti Pow” is a desi phrase used by Punjabi people mostly, when they want to finish an argument or ask to forget something. Mitti Pow or Mitti Pao literally means Bury It.

The very moment I saw this mug, it ignited my Punjabi-ness  and I had to order it. The creative brains behind this mug is Oddpot.

 Oddpot is an online shop and  maker of colorful, fun, quirky and fabulous everyday products and stationery items. They sell through their Facebook Page Here. This Mitti Pow mug is priced at Rs. 650 and they ship nationwide. To order you can simply Facebook Inbox them or email at
Every time I see this mug on my work desk, it brings an instant joy and perhaps a little motivation too, to just bury some stuff and move on to priority tasks. Today someone asked, is it your “Personal Motto?” I’ve started to feel it is! “Mitti Pow – WoW like a Ninja (HA HA)
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Kitchen Finds: Personalized Ceramic Plate by TDR-The Drawing Room

I’m in love with this bright yellow Personalized Ceramic Plate by TDR-The Drawing Room. It’s happiness on a plate with a cute heart and Only Mine text hand painted on it, this bright, beautiful and fun plate speaks for it’s self and yes it’s only Mine and whatever goes on it is mine too! Priced at Rs. 1500 only and customized according to your liking (I chose the bright yellow for my plate) this is a must-have. It’ll make you happy too and will spruce up the place where ever you keep it.

TDR-The Drawing Room  has really amazing and fun stuff. They’ve got a variety of things to choose from hand painted ceramics to party supplies, fun art prints, home decor and a lot more. Check out the amazing stuff they’ve got for you on their Facebook page here and on Instagram here. All these are priced very reasonable so you definitely need to check it out.
As for how I’m using my Only Mine plate, well here is how
You can use it to serve snacks, decorate or even gift it to some one (if-you-love-someone-so-much-to-gift-this-amazing-thing-to)

Go check it out, you’ll be amazed!

Happy Shopping.

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