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  • January 3, 2015
Year 2014 was a year of great challenges and new discoveries for me. It was a year that completely changed my life and gave me the power to stand strong. It was the year that helped me identify a new passion – a passion for cooking and a year that enabled me to connect with the world which I had almost forgotten. The past year with all its glory ended on a very different yet wonderful experience; one that brought back nostalgic childhood memories.

In December, I was invited to MAGGI Cook Studio – a healthy and tasty culinary experience! The MAGGI Cook Studio aims at providing a platform for home-cooks to experiment and learn the art of cooking unique dishes and recipes using MAGGI as the main ingredient and to enhance the culinary experience of healthy, tasty and nutritious cooking.

Nestle unleashed its brand MAGGI in Pakistan almost 20 years ago with its traditional ‘2-minutes noodles’. I still remember the advertisement from my childhood where the mommy prepares MAGGI for her child to fulfill his hunger needs saying “Bas 2 Minute”. It was with the introduction of this easy to cook snack that instant noodles became synonymous to MAGGI Noodles that were ‘Fast to cook and good to eat’
With Nestlé’s approach to being a “health and wellness” company there has been a healthier change in MAGGI too and transformed it into a healthier product.
MAGGI Noodles are one convenient food that is not only enjoyed by the children but by consumers of all age groups. MAGGI Cook Studio has been a culinary throwback to my childhood from which I remember having hot & fresh MAGGI Noodles from those MAGGI trucks in the market and during cultural exhibitions and festivals. I’m glad for the reintroduction and feel like that MAGGI Cook Studio reacquainted me with a long lost childhood friend.
We love MAGGI Noodles just the way they are; with soup or without, we even love having them in our salads or with vegetables- We simply love MAGGI! But that’s not all, if variety is the spice of life then innovation and creativity is what MAGGI Cook studio brings to your home. In this post, I’ll be sharing new ways to cook your favorite MAGGI Noodles that were shared with us in MAGGI Cook Studio.
HEARTY MAGGI TIKKA NOODLES SOUP – A 15-minutes super easy and delicious noodles soup just perfect to warm you up in cold chilly nights. Try it out!
1 pack MAGGI Spicy Chicken Tikka Flavor
¼ cup Chicken, small cubes
3 cups Water
¼ cup Chili Garlic Ketchup
1 tsp Soy sauce
½ tsp Vinegar
¼ tsp Black pepper powder
1 Tbsp. Corn flour
2 Tbsp. Spring Onion Greens, chopped
1.       Sauté Chicken pieces in MAGGI Taste Maker for 3-5 minutes till its tender
2.       In a bowl mix  together ketchup, soy sauce, vinegar and black pepper powder
3.       Add this mixture to the chicken and cook for about a minute
4.       Now add water to it and bring to a boil. Now add MAGGI Noodles and let it cool till its tender
5.       Once MAGGI Noodles are cooked, add corn flour dissolved in water to the soup until it thicken to desired consistency
6.       Garnish with chopped spring onion
7.       Serve hot with garlic bread
MAGGI TIKKA KEBABS – Super easy to make, these MAGGI tikka kebab make a fantastic side dish that the whole family will love
2 packs MAGGI Spicy Chicken Tikka Flavor
1 Fillet Chicken, small cubes
1 potato, boiled and mashed
2-3 green chilies, chopped
½ tsp Salt
½ tsp Crushed Red Chilies
1 Lemon, juice
2 Tbsp. Oil, for shallow frying
1 Charcoal
1.       Boil 2 packs of MAGGI noodles(without taste maker) in 4 cups water till noodles are tender. Drain and set aside
2.       Marinate the chicken fillet with 1 pack of MAGGI taste maker, 2 Tbsp. yougurt and 1 tsp garlic and ginger paste for 30 minutes and then grill it till cooked
3.       In a bowl mix together MAGGI noodles, mashed potato, cubes of cooked chicken, green chilies, 1 pack of MAGGI taste maker and the remaining spices.
4.       Combine all the ingredients well and make kebabs in desired shape.
5.       Heat a pan with oil and shallow fry the Tikka kebabs. Take out and place on kitchen towel to remove excess oil.
6.       To add the perfect Tikka flavor, Place all the kebabs in the frying pan, put a steamed charcoal piece in the center and cover with a lid for 3 minutes.
7.       Your Smokey charcoaled MAGGI Tikka Kebabs are ready to be served with mint chutney.
MAGGI NOODLES CHICKEN TIKKA PIZZA – Now who would have heard of MAGGI Noodles Pizza without any flour or yeast? Giving the perfect pizza taste this MAGGI Noodles Pizza is a must try for all Pizza lovers! Your Pizza fix in just 20 minutes.
3 packs MAGGI Spicy Chicken Tikka Flavor
3 Eggs, beaten
½ cup Carrot, finely chopped
½ cup Capsicum, finely chopped
½ cup Cabbage, finely chopped
½ tsp Salt
½ tsp Black pepper powder
½ tsp Red Chili Flakes
2 Tbsp. Chili Sauce
3 Tbsp. Mozzarella Cheese, grated
½ Cup Chicken, diced
1 Tbsp. Oil
1.       Boil MAGGI Noodles (without taste maker) in 4 cups water till noodles are tender. Drain and keep aside
2.       In a bowl beat eggs and add all the spices along with the 2 packs MAGGI taste makers
3.       Add MAGGI noodles and chopped vegetables in this mixture and mix well
4.       Pour oil in a nonstick pan and add the noodles in it.
5.       Keep the pan covered on low heat for 5-8 minutes and then flip it once it has changed in color
6.       Cook from the other side. When done, remove from pan
7.       Marinate Chicken fillet with 1 pack of MAGGI taste maker and grill it until cooked. Cut them in dices and top it on the noodle pizza
8.       Sprinkle cheese on the top and microwave it for 2 minutes till the cheese melts
9.       Enjoy yummy MAGGI Noodles Chicken Tikka Pizza!
CREAMY SPINACH SAUCE WITH CHICKEN TIKKA MAGGI NOODLES – a 20 minute meal and a delicious recipe!
3 packs MAGGI Spicy Chicken Tikka Flavor
1 pcs Chicken Fillet
1 cup Spinach, boiled and blended
1 Tbsp. Butter
¼ tsp Salt
½ tsp Crushed Red Chili flakes
3 tbsp. Milkpak Cream
1-2 slices Cheese
Oil, for frying
1.       Boil MAGGI Noodles in 6 cups of water until tender. Drain and place in a bowl. Sprinkle 1 pack of MAGGI taste maker on the noodles and mix well
2.       Marinate chicken fillet with 1 pack of MAGGI taste maker for 20 minutes, grill it on medium heat till tender. Cut in medium strips
3.       In a pan on medium heat add blended spinach, butter, salt and crushed red chilies and stir for a few minutes
4.       Add Milkpak cream and 1 pack of MAGGI taste maker. Mix well
5.       To assemble, on the serving plate add a layer of MAGGI noodles, now add Chicken pieces on top of it. Next, top it with the spinach sauce and finally place cheese slices on it. Warm it up in the microwave till cheese melts
6.       Serve hot!
MAGGI SPICY TIKKA NOODLES – Spicy noodle stir fry with vegetables, super healthy and easy
4 packs MAGGI Spicy Chicken Tikka Flavor
1 Tbsp. Oil
½ tsp Ginger Garlic paste
¼ cup Carrots, diced
¼ cup Capsicum, diced
¼ cup Onion, diced
2 fillet Chicken, grilled and julienne
1 Tbsp. Oyster Sauce
1 Tbsp. Soy Sauce
1 tsp Vinegar
¼ tsp Salt, if needed
½ cup, Spring Onion, for garnish
1.  Boil 4 packs of MAGGI noodles in 6-7 cups water till tender. Drain and keep aside
2. Marinate Chicken fillet with 1 pack of MAGGI taste maker, ½ cup of yogurt and 1 tsp of ginger garlic paste for 30 minutes. Grill it in 2 tbsp. Oil till its tender. Cut the chicken length wise
3.       In a pan add 1 Tbsp. oil and add garlic ginger paste, sauté’ till its golden.
4.       Now add all the vegetables and MAGGI taste maker and stir fry vegetables for 2-3 minutes
5.       Add grilled chicken pieces to along with boiled MAGGI Noodles.
6.       In a small bowl mix together oyster sauce, soy sauce and vinegar. Pour this sauce on the noodles.
7.       Toss everything together, adjust spices according to taste
8.       Garnish with spring onions and serve!
These were just a few recipes that were demonstrated in the MAGGI Cook studio but this was not all, it was a very engaging and interactive session where a lot kitchen tips and tricks were shared, a lot of cooking questions were answered, jokes were shared and it came to an end with a very healthy and learning experience with a lot of pictures and selfies!
MAGGI Cook Studio bid good-bye to its participants with MAGGI goodie bags!
For more healthy, innovative and yumilicious recipes visit MAGGI PAKISTAN

This is not a paid or sponsored post, all views expressed in this post are my own and do not reflect those of the brand.