Chinese Almond Chicken

Sometimes all you need is a hearty, quick fix meal that satisfies all your cravings. And my idea of these easy quick fix meals somehow is always Chinese food. Be it at a restaurant or homemade it’s always satisfying and you get everything in one – the protein, vegetables and nuts! Coincidentally my favourite Chinese food includes dishes with nuts be it the Kung Pao Chicken or this Almond Chicken I make sure to include a Chinese dish or a stir-fry on the weekly menu. It is to add variety and more veggies in our meals. I had some left-over blanched almonds at hand and decided to used them for this Chinese Almond Chicken recipe. It turned out to be a delicious decision. Almond Chicken is a favourite dish of most. I remember as a family whenever we went out for dinner to a Chinese restaurant we always ordered Almond Chicken along with Chicken Manchurian of course. Chinese Almond Chicken Recipe Chicken and nuts are just perfect together, whether its Kung Pao Chicken or Chicken with cashew nuts, no other type of protein pairs so well with different types of nuts like chicken. Almond Chicken is another winner recipe that … Continue reading Chinese Almond Chicken