About Me

I’m Hirra Pervaiz. Born and raised in Pakistan and currently living in Ireland.

Originally this space was created to show all those who said “So you think you can cook?” that Yes! I can cook and can cook really well. Since then this blog has transformed into a place to encourage and inspire everyone to not only admire photogenic food but to give it a try & tickle those taste buds!

And now it has become a place where I share everything I love: food, beauty, lifestyle, fab grabs, reviews and sometimes my mind-wanderings over coffee conversations and as art prints, which are Freebies – like always. Here we:

Make a fancy meal, put on some lipstick, grab fab finds, indulge in coffee conversations, shoot, blog and share it all

As a full-time HR professional and all-the-time lover of everything creative, fun and inspiring – this blog is home to everything I love. I strongly believe in spreading love and happiness, and through this blog I share some of my love with you.

So, thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy reading my posts, follow along or stick around for a while or leave me a comment, it’ll brighten my day!

If you’d like to get in touch just use the form below.

Alternatively, you can drop me a line at [email protected]leave me a message on the Facebook page, tweet at my Twitter account, or send a direct message (DM) on Instagram

Cheers & keep tickling those taste buds!

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