Sharing Yums with Yummly

Hey TTTB Readers,

I’m very pleased to announce that Tickle Those Tastebuds is now on Yummly. It’s an amazing site that allows you to make your own recipe box and access thousands of recipes on Yummly Website and from the web too, also you can Tickle those tastebuds recipes there as well.

Yummly is full of  amazing features, you can search for recipes according to your preference and liking, social sharing and mobile app too.

Yummly also has integrated recipe card at the end of each post, which also gives Nutrition Fact and Taste Chart as well. Saving a recipe to your recipe box on Yummly is super easy, simply click on the yum button on the top right of the recipe card and there you have it saved in your recipe box. You can even print recipes from there.

To give Yummly a try and you can begin by checking out Tickle those tastebuds Publisher’s page. There are recipes already there and I’ll keep posting more to the page with time.

Hope you enjoy Yummly as much as I do and explore its features more. They have a great FAQ section as well if you’re having any trouble using the site. You can also drop your questions and queries here and I’ll be glad to help you out.

Till then, Happy Cooking and Keep Tickling those Tastebuds!


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