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Are you Makeup Confident? Kick your Makeup Insecurities & Be Makeup Confident

Have you ever been criticized of wearing too much makeup? A lot of women are often criticized of wearing too much makeup and are referred as cake-face while others who don’t wear any makeup at all, they either look sick or tired. A woman is expected to be flawless, should be well-dressed at all times, well-mannered and a perfect natural beauty.

Beauty trends keep changing, there are times of thick brows and thin brows, matte lipsticks and glossy lipsticks, dewy look and matte look, face contouring trend and now we have strobing. The makeup industry will continue to bring new trends,but are you ready and makeup confident?

By Makeup Confident I mean, there are days when you feel confident and look great with the kind of makeup you put on. It not only brightens your day but also gives you a confident fresh start for the day ahead. So do you feel good about yourself with the kind of makeup you use? Are there makeup products that make you feel confident? For me wearing a lipstick is an instant confidence booster and mood lifter. It not only makes me feel good, brightens my face but makes it look alive too.

I’m a minimal makeup person but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the full makeup look. I admire beauty in all its forms and see makeup as a personal choice. I certainly believe in the use of makeup to feel more confident about one’s self. Whether you use it too little or too much, its your personal choice and if you like it that way “go girl, you look pretty!”

Here I’m sharing my Feel Pretty Be Confident Look, the one I feel comfortable wearing and that helped me kick my makeup insecurities and made me confident.

1. Be comfortable in your own skin

Not everyone is blessed with naturally, flawless skin. At least I’m not, I have acne prone skin. While, there are a lot of beauty products out there that can make you feel beautiful. But do you really want that? For me the best thing to do is taking proper care of my skin and making it happy. And that’s half job done. If your skin’s happy, you’ll definitely be more confident about yourself.

How to achieve happy skin?

CTM ” Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize” make it a part of your daily routine, it takes 5 minutes and you have clean and happy skin.


Proactiv 3-step System kit has worked for me. (more information here)

2. BB Cream Vs. Foundation

As mentioned I’m a minimal makeup person so instead of a foundation, I use a BB cream. Generally a foundation gives you a nice coverage and evens out your skin, I feel it a bit too much for myself specially in summers. Whereas a BB cream is light, blends well, even out skin, provides coverage and is an all-in-one product.


Flormar BB Cream (more information here)

3. Set Powder

Dust some powder to give a finishing touch to the skin.


Flormar Loose Powder (more information here)

4. Brighten your eyes

Make your eyes look awake and bright. Make them pop with a liner or a mascara and a little shimmer in the inner corners of the eye.


Eyeliner: Diana of London, Arabian Black Eyeliner (more information here)

Mascara: Maybelline Newyork, The Rocket (more information here)

5. Add a pop of color

Give your cheeks some pop of color. It will instantly add color to your face and brighten it too.


Luscious Cosmetics, Peach Melba (more information here)

6. Finish off

Finish the look with your favorite lipstick. I love wearing lipstick and sometimes only a liner and a lipstick is all I do and love it.


Luscious Cosmetics, Super Moisturizing Lipstick in Chili

Luscious Cosmetics, Signature Lipstick in Nude Pink

7. Be your kind of beautiful!

You’re beautiful the way you are. Don’t let others make you feel bad about yourself or your beauty choices, wear makeup the way you like it and be confident. If you like it natural go natural, just kick all those makeup insecurities, start loving yourself and feel pretty and confident about yourself. There is never “right” or “wrong” makeup it’s always “my kind of makeup”. 

Wear your “My Kind of Makeup” and be Makeup Confident! 

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    Really interesting article ! thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Hirra Pervaiz

    Thanks Khadija 🙂

  • Fatima K

    I love the way you've listed things here – it makes it easier for me to relate to everything. I'm a minimal makeup person too 🙂


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