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Beauty Crush: Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Lip Balm Collection

It’s been a year since I started blogging and although I started as a food blogger, this year I thought of taking it to the next level. So in doing so I thought of adding new categories to my blog making it a blog of Food Recipes & More

The “More” aspect of the blog includes Reviews of different things I purchase or simply love, be it a Restaurant or a Beauty Product, a Kitchen find or a book. I thought of beginning these new categories with my favorite category Beauty Crush – beauty products that I love.

Ever since Maybelline introduced their Lip Balm collection, I just can’t get enough of them. It’s like I’m hooked to Maybelline Baby Lips, I love them (I’ve said it a lot of times now, I hope you got that). Its a must-have for me, they are moisturizing, smell good and come in different shades that adds a hint of color to your lips.

I’m a kind of person who uses a lip balm before applying lipstick and at times I don’t feel like applying a lipstick at all and those are the times when I thank Maybelline for introducing this collection. It gives me that hint of color, keeps my lips soft and brightens the face too. So when the new collection was out, I was convinced that I needed it. Also because this new collection Electro Lip Balm claimed to be No More Basic Lip Balm and 8hr Hydration with Neon Kick, it was a must-must-have!

I like the shades in pink so with the Electro Collection too I stayed with Pink Shock, which is a bright/ hot pink. It’s quite pigmented and you can wear it sheer or build up to get more color (I kind of keep it natural and don’t build up much). It keeps my lips moisturized not for 8HRs as claimed by Maybelline, but for a good 4HRs and keeps them soft all day long. It smells amazing too. It has other bright, neon colors too like Oh!Orange, Berry Bomb and Strike a Rose, and if you’re adventurous and can pull-off yellow and green lip shades then Fierce and Tangy and Minty Sheer are the shades for you.

As I love these, I find its packaging (pink on black) quite cute. Its a balm in a tube that makes it easy to carry (on-the-go) and with a few swipes you have bright lips and fresh face in an instant, isn’t that cool?

What is your favorite Lip Balm? Do you love Baby Lips too? Which is your favorite shade?

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own    

P.S. I’m open to sponsored posts too 🙂



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