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Beauty Crush: Summer Favorite Body Mists

Summers are at its peak, it’s one the best times of the year to go on a vacation with family, to experiment with trending hairstyles, makeup and color palettes. But when the sun is shining bright and it gets hot, humid and sticky, all you need is a splash of freshness. And what better than having that cool mist? Well, that’s what we’ll be taking here today, My Summer Favorite Body Mists

This summer express yourself through the senses. Just reminiscence how it feels when you enter the coffee shop, or coming out of an elevator you get that whiff of a cologne, isn’t that an instant mood changer (in a good sense, I mean c’mon). In this scorching heat, how fresh and happy you’d feel when you smell good. Everyone feels good when they smell good!

The key to summer fragrance is to keep it subtle and all these Body Mists are amazing. They freshen you up without perfume-gassing everyone in the closest radius. Even if it has to be something exotic, it should be kept to senses only rather than being doused in scent and that’s where these Body Mists do their job perfectly.

The best thing about these Body Mists is that they are light, refreshing, last all day long and they smell Ahhh-maazinngg!!!

Victoria’s Secret – Passion Struck: As the name suggests passion struck, its a seductive and alluring scent, with Fuji apple and Vanilla orchid notes which will keep you scent-struck all day long. These too come in other fragrances and Victoria’s Secret suggests using it along with their Passion Struck Hydrating Lotion or Body Butter for a long-lasting scent. It works for me without it too and one smells delicious all day long. It comes in a 250ml plastic bottle, handy to use and carry too.

The Body Shop Body Mist – Strawberry: You can never go wrong with The Body Shop products. Spray it all over your body and feel the fresh burst of fruity scent, its smells is divine, it smells of Strawberries and just Strawberries. It comes in a 100ml glass bottle, so be careful with it. 

Body Luxuries Signature Collection – Black Raspberry Vanilla: It has a sweet, girly, berry-like scent which isn’t overpowering at all. It lasts all day long and is available at almost every cosmetics store. It comes in a 230ml spray bottle, enough to last a month since you don’t want yourself doused in it. It comes in different scents but I juts love this one the most.

ARMAF Fragrance body spray – Raspberry: This is a sweet, light scent. You can experience the berry scent which has the real fruit goodness that gives an intensely fresh and summery burst of raspberry fragrance all day long. It comes in a 250ml plastic bottle.

Tip for long lasting Fragrance:To make the scent last longer apply it behind the ears, inside of the wrist and anywhere you like but these two places as a rule. Yes a rule.

Do you have a favorite summer body mist? Share your favorites with me by commenting below.

Make a splash this summer with these amazing Body Mists.

Stay fresh and smell delicious!



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