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Biscuit Bhel (Bhelpuri with a twist)

Bhel Puri – a crunchy, flavorful chaat, is one of the most popular street foods in Pakistan and India. This delicious snack is low in calories but packed with zesty flavors and crunchy textures. A traditional bhel puri is made with a variety of ingredients, one of them being the puri (deep fried crackers) which adds the crunch and also serves the purpose of a spoon to enjoy the chaat. We  added a twist to the traditional recipe by replacing Puri with Biscuits (Crackers) and we have the Biscuit Bhel

Bhel means mixture and Bhel puri is all about textures. While a chaat generally has two or three basic ingredients, bhel puri has a lot more ingredients which includes puffed rice, sev, crumbled puri, onions, potatoes, three different chutneys and anything you would want in your chaat.

I was first introduced to this delicious snack in my childhood when a restaurant Lahore Chatkhara opened up in Lahore that served a variety of popular street foods. Our favorites on the menu were papdi chaat, dahi puri and bhel puri. My sisters and I used to choose one dish each as per our liking and totally did not share with one another (because it was soo good, lol) okay, no we did share because the portions served were generous and we were kids then. But Bhel Puri always was part of our order every time we went there and is still a favorite.
Replacing puri with biscuits (crackers) in Biscuit Bhel does not change the flavors of the chaat at all. It saves you from preparing those deep fried puris, unless you’re getting pre-made puris from the store. You can easily prepare this quick and jhat pat recipe in 10 minutes. It’s super easy, you can use the list of ingredients shared below and can add more as per your taste palate and liking. I do suggest using the ingredients mentioned because these are the basic ingredients for the dish but feel free to adjust as per your taste.
The star ingredients of this chaat are the three must-have chutneys that give this chaat that sweet, spicy, tangy and chatpata flavor. As bhel puri and this biscuit bhel is all about texture – the crispy puffed rice, soft but firm boiled potatoes, crunchy crackers (biscuits), crisp sev, sweet and spicy chutneys and small pieces of onions that squish as you bite into them (salivating??), all these together make this chaat/snack/street food a favorite and oh so delicious!
While you’re here do check out my other recipes and do follow for more delicious recipes coming up for Eid.

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Biscuit Bhel (Bhel Puri with a Twist)
by June-25-2017
Biscuit Bhel – a sweet and spicy snack chaat of puffed rice, sev, vegetables and chutneys with a twist of cracker (biscuits)

Prep time: Yield: serves 4 -6



  1. In a large bowl add boiled potatoes, onions, green chilies and crackers. Top these with the chutneys and mix well.
  2. Now add spiced boondi, puffed rice and toss everything together
  3. Garnish with fresh corriander, sev, some chopped onion and chaat masala


  1. Biscuit Bhel is supposed to be crunchy, so don’t prepare in advance as the ingredients will become soggy. So prepare fresh to keep it crunchy.
  2. You can also add roasted peanuts too
  3. If you plan to make it, stock up on sev and puffed rice. Make the chutneys in advance to save time.
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Falsa Sherbet

The most awaited summer fruit of the season (after mangoes) in Pakistan is Falsa (Phalsa) that also has a very fancy English name – Grewia Asiatica, that nobody ever uses. From it’s color, taste and price at the start of the season, this little berry fruit gets you drooling. You just can’t have enough of it till the time it’s available (roughly two months). While it’s still available, we had to make Falsa Sherbet (juice) to keep us cool in sweltering summer heat.

Every food has a story and this fruit always brings back memories from childhood. Growing up and while we (my sisters and I) were in school, our final term exams and falsa season coincided – like every year it was like that. And this meant NO Falsay during exams!

Walking out the school gate after exam, we had our eyes on that falsa vendor’s beautifully arranged falsa display, he’d be at his fixed spot under the tree, right next to school gate. While most girls would stop by and have a small pack of falsa with generous sprinkling of black salt (kala namak), we’d just walk past it with this tiny thought that on our last exam you better be here falsa guy because we want those little berries bursting with flavors and of course with black salt! Last day of the exam was the best day because exams had ended and we could have these falsay as much as we wanted – no stopping there
On Sundays we all had a day off and so did my father, he’d bring falsay (my mother loves this fruit) and then would prepare bowls for us all. It was so exciting to see him prepare the bowls. He’d have all those falsa in a large bowl, would then sprinkle black salt all over it and would then cover the bowl with a fairly larger plate and would give it a good shake – this helps in equally salting the fruit and also smashes a few ripe ones, making it a lot more flavorful. We used to enjoy this entire experience a lot. Such were the joys of simple days.
As little as it may seem, this fruit is not only flavorful but has many benefits too. It’s loaded with Vitamin C, Potassium, Fiber, Calcium and Phosphorus. In simpler words, it helps treating dehydration, alleviates inflammation, helps in regulating blood pressure, digestion and is full of anti-oxidants.

It has a nice a mix of sweet, sour and a bit acidic taste, which adds a good punch and flavor to it’s Sherbet/Juice. There are other ways to consume this seasonal fruit and you might enjoy having it in some other way but do give this quick and easy Falsa Sherbet recipe a try this summer to keep you cool all through the season.

You might also want to try this Mint Margarita another refreshing drink with a bit of lemon soda infused with mint leaves – so perfect for summers.


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Falsa Sherbet
by June-16-2017
Falsa Sherbet! Fresh, bright and refreshingly delicious, it’s the prefect summer drink

Prep time: Total time: Yield: serves 6-8


  • 1000 grams (1 Kilo) Falsa
  • 1.5 Cup Sugar (or to taste)
  • 1 Tbsp Black Salt (Kala Namak)
  • 1.5 Liter Water


  1. Clean Falsa under running water and then soak in water for 15 minutes. Drain and rinse well. Now add Sugar and mix well. Let it sit for another 15 minutes
  2. In a blender add half water, macerated berries, salt and blend until pureed
  3. Strain it through seive, add more water if required to puree well and get all from the pulp
  4. Taste test and adjust sugar and salt according to taste
  5. Mix it up with a bit water to dillute it and get a more Sherbet like consistency. Serve chilled with ice and mint leaves


  1. The strained mixture in step 3 can be stored by freezing. Use it as and when required
  2. To make this Falsa Sherbet a bit more fancy try adding Sprite or 7Up in place of water

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Bag Crossbody Bag Fab Grab Made in Pakistan Reviews

Fab Grab: Printed Crossbody Bag by Mockingjay

Newest addition to my bags collection is this beautiful printed Crossbody Bag  by  Mockingjay. The day this beauty was introduced by the designer at the recent Daachi Exhibition  in Lahore I was literally drooling over it’s gorgeousness, design print and of course the color!

The shape of the bag is crisp and clean, has got that Crossbody comfort, size is just perfect to keep you organized and carry your favorite things with you – this bag has got it all.

Lately I’ve been crushing on all things yellow, mustard, orange and anything around the same color family (if that makes sense), which pretty much tells what made me get this bag. The Tan color of the bag complements the print design beautifully which is sure to add a pop of personality to any ensemble. I’ve been carrying this bag around with my every outfit, from lawn suits to casual jeans. It definitely adds to your overall look. You can check out how I paired (styled) it with my favorite lawn suit here. Also what I love the most about all bags from Mockingjay is, the bags are uber stylish, trendy and above all Made in Pakistan (heart)
Priced at Rs. 1600 only this affordable yet really trendy Crossbody bag is a must have this season. It comes in three different colors: Tan, Pink and Green with pretty prints on the front and back. All bags have adjustable Crossbody strap, making it easier for you to carry, just the way you like it. 
I have my eyes on the other two gorgeous colors and I might make a purchase again and get them both because these are too just too pretty to be missed. You can order this bag from Mockingjay Facebook page here or from their Instagram here