7UP TVC and the hunt for #AsalFoodie

All the foodies have geared up since the new 7UP TVC came out. While we all were celebrating “Food ka love” with 7UP, this time it’s not about the Food ka love alone, it’s the quest to find the “AsalFoodie” (The real foodie)

7UP TVC’s came up with a very relatable and the most celebrated thing in our culture “Food”, with its catchy jingle and pairing of food items with 7UP it was an instant hit! The new TVC and the jingle still hold you to celebrating the love for food with higher notes and beats. The part saying “Asal foodie ki Kahani” (Story of the Real Foodie) gives an instant jolt of foodie power and the background voice Asal Foodie is quite impactful too.

And this is not it, if you’ve read the post title it says ‘hunt for #AsalFoodie’. So this time 7UP is not only taking you to the foodie journey but, is challenging you to prove if you really are #AsalFoodie. There is quite a buzz around Facebook and everyone has changed their profile and cover photos to the very fun and quirky ones provided on 7UP Facebook page.  If you’re the #AsalFoodie enter the contest, they’re giving away iPads to the best profile. While I’m quite confident in winning this title, you can try your luck too by following the contest details and choosing the profile and cover photos from the links below.

7UP Win an iPad Contest Details  >>>Click Here<<<

7UP #AsalFoodie Cover Photos   >>>Click Here<<<

7UP #AsalFoodie Profile  Pictures >>>Click Here<<<

Here is the one I created and using to show my foodie love with 7UP (as my profile picture)


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