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Nestlé Fruita Vitals – The Sibling Bond

Nestlé Fruita Vitals giving a whole new meaning to 3 japhiyan this Eid. In their latest TVC Nestlé Fruita Vitals touches the right chords for all those who have siblings abroad, who anxiously wait for them on Eid, for the union and celebrations together.

The sibling bond is very beautifully presented in the TVC where the elder brother surprises the family by visiting on Eid and the younger brother is all so upset with him. We can all so relate to the complaints the younger brother has, not liking Facebook posts (we all have issues, don’t we?) not attending calls, not being there with the family on last Eid.
The concept of 3 japhiyan is again depicted in a beautiful way and with a beautiful message. No matter how upset you are with your sibling – just hug it out, the bond you share is precious than all the complaints and most importantly a hug fixes everything.
The lyrics are paired beautifully with the concept “dil nahin bhoolta dil ka yeh rasta” and we see the mother is happy and teary eyed seeing the love and bond his boys share.  It ends with the family on table having a good time and the elder brother being the elder brother annoying the younger one (so relatable). This TVC does justice to the brands concept of adding sweetness and affection to relationships “karwahat mein mithas”
There is no happiness greater than having your loved ones with you on occasions like Eid. If your sibling lives abroad and you have similar complaints, when they visit don’t forget to give them 3 japhiyan this Eid!
The brand, the creatives have done a great job in presenting an awesome concept depicting the sibling bond. The concept is paired perfectly with beautiful lyrics and enticing production value.
If you haven’t watched this awesome TVC yet, watch it now and share with your siblings.

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#BitesandVibes Eat&Sip Foodpanda Press Reviews

Bites & Vibes by Foodpanda – Volume I

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  • November 8, 2017
Lahore – a city of rich cultural heritage and delectable cuisine. From street food to fine dining restaurants the city offers something to everyone. For foodies it’s a complete culinary-adventure but where does one begin from? With so much variety and so many eateries to choose from, deciding what and where to eat can be a bit difficult but no worries, as Foodpanda brings you for the first time Bites & Vibes Volume I  – coolest food market offering great food, great music and the perfect ambiance for an amazing food experience.

What makes you happy? Good food and nice ambiance, right? That’s exactly what the Foodpanda Bites and Vibes Volume I is all about. It will take place for the first time in Lahore on  November 12th, 2017  at  Royal Palm Golf and Country Club. What makes this food market so different is – the idea! The idea behind this is simple yet effective and favors the foodies.

The Idea

The best restaurants from the Foodpanda portfolio will be presenting their specialty items with no dish costing more than PKR 200 how awesome is that? A day dedicated to delicious food and good music that is budget friendly too!

The Restaurants

Here’s an amazing chance to try out the restaurants and taste some good food. On the list are:
  • Spoonful
  • Sarrak pe Karrak
  • Shut Up & Eat
  • Cravea
  • Maro Tandoor
  • The Waffle House
  • Galito’s
  • Bamboo Union
  • Dessert Desire
  • Hakuna Matatata
  • Grab your Meal
  • Buffalo Wings and Rings
  • Popeye’s Chicken
  • Dera Resturant
  • and Many More  

You definitely, don’t want to miss this culinary experience. Come over with your friends and family to enjoy the best bites and the best vibes. 

All About The Bites and Vibes Volume I

When: Sunday, November 12th, 2017. It starts ate 3:00 PM
Where: Royal Palm Golf and Country Club 
Entrance: Entry tickets are PKR 200 available at the door.


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Beauty Beauty Reviews Blogger's Beauty Secrets Essence Cosmetics Press

Essence Blogger’s Beauty Scerets Collection Launch

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  • February 3, 2017

Essence Cosmetics is a popular European Cosmetics brand with it’s high quality products that are fun, colorful and have super cute packaging, this brand is super super affordable! Recently I attended their product launch event for it’s newest collection Essence Trend Edition: Blogger’s Beauty Secrets Collection.

Just like the brand itself, the overall event decor was really fun and cute And the PR team was equally amazing too. You could feel it right from the entrance of the venue that this collection is going to be super cool and fabulous and it sure was!

Essence cosmetics collaborated with four beauty bloggers and together they came up with this collection Blogger’s Beauty Secrets. The name of the collection is quite apt as each blogger developed their own palette and nail color for the collection – giving out their best on trend products and beauty secrets.

At the event we got to try out all the four palettes, swatch it and I also found one I could easily call my favorite one out of the four. I’ll reveal my favorite palette at the end and will provide a full review in my next post.
Each Blogger’s Beauty Secrets palette is unique and covers a different makeup range. From packaging to style each palette has a different theme. Similarly the nail colors are all different shades and textures.

Touch Up to Go Palette & Be Happy + Smile Nail Polish by Dfashion

Touch Up to Go is an all rounder palette designed by German blogger and Youtuber of channel Dfashion, Diana Zur Lowen. This palette would make an excellent choice for those who want to create an easy-makeup look on the go.

Inside the Pallette:
3 Eyeshadows: Light Purple, Nude and Brown
2 Blushes : Peach and Bright Pink
1 Lip Balm
1 Double sided applicator brush
How to Use:
With this palette you can create different looks by combining the products. From nude/light smokey eyes to bright cheeks and if you’re missing the lipstick simply mix the blush with the lip balm and you have a colorful lip-gloss.
Be Happy + Smile Nail Polish
The nail color is a soft pastel pink shade and has a semi-matte finish.

Together with the nail polish this one for all palette is a perfect match! The palette retails at Rs.920 and the nail polish in Rs. 325



Vintage Rose Palette & Hello Beautiful Nail Polish by BeautyPalmira

Vintage Rose is an eye palette created by a German Blogger Palmira from blog. This palette focuses completely on the eyes for that beautiful expressive eye makeup.
Inside the Palette:
5 Eyeshadows: 3 matte colors pale pink, mauve and brown + 2 shimmery colors light pink and dark brown
1 Eyeliner : Dark brown in gel texture
1 Highlighter
1 Double sided applicator brush
How to Use:
Create a soft neutral day time look with this eye palette or turn it into a sultry night  time look with a little highlighter and shimmery shades. Complete the look with the eyeliner and there you have sultry soft eye makeup. 

Hello Beautiful Nail Polish
The nail color is a beautiful metallic finish rose-gold shade 

The palette retails at Rs.920 and the nail polish in Rs. 325





Shape & Shadows Palette and All Eyes on Me Nail Polish by Strikeapose

Shape & shadows palette is also an eye palette created by UK blogger Mary Oliver of the blog This eye palette focuses on the latest eye makeup and eye brows trend. 
Inside the Palette:
4 Eyeshadows + Brow powder: 3 matte and 1 is shimmery shade in cool browns and ashy tones
1 Highlighter
1 Brow wax
1 Double sided applicator brush
How to Use:
Use the matte shades on the eyes or as brow powders. Add a little highlighter under the brows or on the cheekbones for a little glow. Tame those brows with the wax and complete your look. You can also mix the darkest shade with the primer&wax and use it as an eyeliner – that works too!

All Eyes on Me  Nail Polish
The nail polish is mud-colored, nude shade with a matte finish.

The palette retails at Rs. 920 and the nail polish in Rs. 325




The Glow Must Go On Palette and Enlightening Nail Polish by Serena

The Glow Must Go On is a highlighting and bronzing palette created by Serena Verbon of, beauty blogger from the Netherlands. With this palette you can get your glow game ON!

Inside the Palette:
3 Bronzer Shades
2 Eye Shadows
1 Highlighter
1 Brush
How to Use:
Use the eye shadows with the bronzer to create shimmery soft brown eye look. Add a little glow with that highlighter and you’re all glowing!

Enlightening Nail Polish
The nail polish is a nice Tiffany blue color with cream finish.

The palette retails at Rs.920 and the nail polish in Rs. 325

I really liked how each palette is created and focuses on different areas. The packaging of the palettes is super cute and fun matching the styles of the bloggers. All palettes have cardboard packaging with a magnetic closure which makes it light and easy to carry around. Above all these palettes are so inexpensive!

Out of the four palettes my favorite palette is The Glow Must Go On by Serena. Why this is my favorite? For that you’ve to wait for my next blog post.

And did I mention there were delicious treats at the event? Well, I just did now. Also, we got a goodie bag too . Food + Goodie Bag = Happy ME  =)

Blogger’s Beauty Secrets Collection  is only available on Essence Pakistan’s Facebook Shop  It’s a Limited Edition Collection so get your favorite palettes today. Each palette retails at Rs. 920 and Nail polish in Rs. 335 . You can buy these palettes from here


Are you getting one or more of these palettes and nail polishes? Which one is your favorite?
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Advertising Blog Challenge Foodpanda App Perfect Day Press

Blog Challenge: How to Spend a Perfect Day?

image via Google
While we all believe in making our everyday a Perfect Day but owing to our everyday busy schedules involving work or school perhaps we easily get caught up in our day-to-day routines.  We are so occupied with all these daily routines that often we find it difficult to make time for the things we love doing and enjoy, such as going for an early morning brisk walk, watching a late night show at the cinema, grabbing a meal from the newly opened restaurant, reading a good book till late at night or relaxing at the spa!

Every once in a while we wish for that one day for ourselves (Ok! I wish for it every day) but completely fine – right? Or I just wait for the weekend, but again got so much to do on the weekend and there we go back to those routine tasks.

But just imagine if you have one blissful day all for yourself, without any family responsibilities, without work or any obligations of the world. How would you spend that day – Your Perfect Day? Pssst…. Here’s what My Perfect Day would be like, all for myself – Just Me.. Me.. Me!

I’d love a day at home alone to enjoy my “me” time completely. Ideally it’ll be a rainy day, waking up to the sound of the rain in the morning, staying in bed for as long as I can, listening to the sound of the rain, loving that fresh and earthy smell of it. Being in my Pj’s all day long and hitting my favorite spot “The Lounge” or living room where I can sprawl on the couch and have access to all my tech-gadgets and of course TV. And would run a season’s marathon for all the episodes I’ve missed of my favorite shows, read a good book, go through all my favorite blogs and catch up posts on social media. Would set a relaxed ambiance by lighting some scented candles, would put on some nice music to relax and stay secluded in my own world. But Hey, I’m hungry and a day can’t be perfect without food! Of course the lazy bum I’d be on such a day, wouldn’t do the cooking and guess what I don’t need to either. Ta-da! With the FoodPanda App I can order from anywhere and get it delivered right at my home. Now that’s perfect! From my breakfast to lunch to dinner everything, yes everything! So I’ll stuff myself with all my favorite things from my favorite restaurants and slouch on the couch with my favorites and me. 
Oh Man! What a day, rain, good food, no work, no worries, Pjs, music, scented candles, my tech-gadgets, couch, season’s marathon – I can’t wait to have My Perfect Day!
If you have such a day all for yourself what would you choose to do? Wake up to sunshine, have breakfast in bed, catch up with friends? Well, get your imaginative engines to work and gear up for a Perfect Day Blogger’s Challenge by FoodPanda Pakistan

If you’re a blogger or have a web blog, all you have to do is share how would you spend your perfect day and win some exciting prizes from (as shown in picture above). There will be 3 winners and each one gets an exciting prize.
And if you haven’t downloaded the FoodPanda App get it now from App Store, Android Store and Windows store and start ordering your food on the go.
That’s it. Super easy right? So get set, start writing!

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Advertising Eid Press Ramadan Shan Foods TVC

Shan Foods TVC – Celebrate your Loved Ones!

The old adage goes “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” and when it’s your near and dear ones who are miles away from you the heart not only grows fonder it also waits and longs for being with them. For some it may be easy but for many it’s just not possible to be with their loved ones on special occasions. Building on this concept Shan Foods has brilliantly come up with its Ramadan/Eid TVC

The new Shan Foods TVC took the social media by storm and it went viral soon after its release. The concept of the TVC is so emotional, relatable and has a sentimental value for all those who have their loved ones away from them. Not only this, those who don’t, can still feel how its like to be away from your near and dear ones specially on festivals and special occasions. And of all relations the relation with mother’s is the most precious of all. A mother’s love is expressed through her cooking, the taste of the food from mother’s hands is irreplaceable, its the most delicious and yummiest of all in the whole world. But when you’re away from mother its that food one misses the most, but Shan brings that taste to you, the same taste of home cooked food at your table, just like your mother’s.
Food connects us all and when you’re living abroad the craving for home cooked Pakistani food is the most. Shan spices satisfy those cravings and makes it easier for anybody to get the same taste from back home. With Shan spices anybody can cook and its not just a spice mix, its a mix of love, family bonding, emotions and values packed with love for the loved ones away from home or anywhere in the world.
Shan’s TVC has proved that you don’t need popular faces to promote your brand. It’s that emotional connection with your audience that makes a brand a success and this TVC speaks for its self, with more than half a million views and 35,000 shares in less than two days its a hit!
If you haven’t watched this brilliant TVC yet, watch it now

Celebrating the precious moments we share with our loved ones.Shan. #KhushiyanChakhLo
Posted by Shan Foods on Saturday, June 20, 2015

#KhushiyanChakhLo with Shan

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#LightingUpLives Advertising Liter of Light Pepsi Pepsi Ramadan Campaign Press Ramadan

A Bright Idea: A Liter of Light, Lighting Up Lives!


Have you ever thought what could normally be done out of a plastic bottle once you’ve consumed the beverage? Or have you ever thought of using that plastic bottle some other way (apart from growing plants in it?). Well, somebody did and came up with a brighter idea of using plastic bottles in an incredibly valuable way. A revolutionizing, campaign #LightingUpLives by Pepsi Co Pakistan and Liter of Light, is that bright idea which caught our attention has won our hearts and has made us proud.

The #LightingUpLives campaign is a bright idea because this unique solar based solution uses minimum resources and up-cycled Pepsi plastic bottles to light and brighten the lives of many. Pakistan’s largest refugee camps, Jalozai IDP camp witnessed the most amazing utility of this initiative. The camp that had no lighting when the sun went down, with the #LightingUpLives campaign now has lit up homes, restrooms, streets and hospitals. The refugees express their feelings of having light at night as a “blessing”

The #LightingUpLives campaign was brilliantly filmed by renowned Oscar Winning Filmmaker, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and was launched at a recent PR event at Lahore that was attended by some prominent celebs, officials and people from all walks of lives. While everyone praised PepsiCo’s initiative, we’ve developed a strong love for the brand, as its been the first one to stand up and take an initiative to ‘Light up lives’ and uplift the lives of the affected communities, which we think is quite thoughtful and praiseworthy.
As we appreciate the efforts, somewhere it strikes, how can we make such a big, bright difference in the world? Well, Pepsi just answered this one for us. With its new Ramadan TVC – an extension to the #LightingUpLives campaign, Pepsi is calling the entire nation to come forward and be a part of this initiative and that too without doing much.
A simple purchase of 1.75L Pepsi bottle will donate Re.1 from Pepsi to Liter of Light, to light more lives and bring more smiles to their faces.
Pepsi a brand of the youth, with its #LightingUpLives campaign has given a new direction and a new purpose to the youth of Pakistan. While having a chilled bottle of Pepsi at your iftaar table, you can light up someone’s home. Pepsi’s initiative also encourages the youth to actively participate towards building the nation, even with small steps and to take the responsibility of building it together. 
The new Pepsi TVC is enticing with popular faces like Hamza Ali Abbasi, SanamSaeed, Syra Yousaf and Azfar Rehman, all encouraging and leading youth to support the cause. The celebs and Pepsi are also using social media platforms to create awareness, encourage participation and providing avenues to everyone to come and be a part of it. 
So if you want to make a big and bright difference in someone’s life, join Pepsi and start #LightingUpLives and double the blessings of Ramadan.
Watch the brilliantly filmed and touching Pepsi Ramadan TVC here and be inspired! 

Lighting Up Lives this Ramzan
We’re on a mission to make this Ramzan brighter by taking our partnership with Liter of Light Pakistan one step further. On the purchase of every 1.75L Pepsi bottle, we will donate Re 1 towards #LightingUpLives across Pakistan! Spread the word and join us in this mission!
Posted by Pepsi Pakistan on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

For more details on how you can participate and start #LightingUpLives visit their Facebook page, here:


#LightingUpLives and Bringing Smiles – My Goal this Ramadan!

#AsalFoodie 7UP Advertising Press

Love Good Food? Come along on a journey with 7Up and their #AsalFoodie

7Up has taken countrywide gastronomes on a journey with the launch of their new TVC and that too without a passport. Don’t believe me? Read till the end and you’ll experience the amazing journey with 7Up

In my earlier post here, I introduced you to 7Up’s hunt for #AsalFoodie and how they are engaging foodies on social media with an ongoing competition where they’ve provided quirky cover photos and profile pictures to display and prove you’re the AsalFoodie and win an iPad too. This campaign took the social media by storm and with an overwhelming participation and some very unique, creative and interesting foodies and 7UP competition entries (profile pictures & cover photos) it’s been a hit!
It was not only on the social media, the #AsalFoodie hunt went on a cruise. Yes you read it right; there was an exclusive 7Up foodies cruise. Some of our favorite stars Zoe Viccaji, Anoushey Ashraf and more were spotted cruising with 7Up and having a fun time on the foodie cruise with some interesting activities like ‘7Up Fishing’ and of course some really good food. The highlight of the event was Zoe Viccaji’s first ever live performance on the cruise that was exclusively covered and shared on 7Up’s social media platforms. 
This event too was a great hit with the campaign hash tag trending and reaching over 8 million in Pakistan within a few hours.
7Up always comes up with unique ways of promoting the brand and reaching out to its consumers and that’s when we spotted 7Up’s floating billboard at Do Darya, Karachi (Now that’s an incredibly amazing way to do it!). The location is a foodie hub with most popular restaurants around, and so has to be 7Up as wherever there’s food there’s 7Up. This unique advertising/floating display became an instant talk of the town.
And the foodie journey continued, from the cruise to floating billboard it came to Lahore as a 7Up Foodie Bus Tour. A double decker 7Up foodie bus was spotted around Lahore taking its passengers all around the city and making stops to serve them live food.  This was again a hit and everyone was found tweeting about the 7UP Food Fest!
A brand identity is built on how well a brand connects with its consumers and how impactful, memorable and emotional those connections are. 7Up with its branding strategy has proved to make a strong connection with its consumers by going beyond just a TVC and connecting with its consumers with love for food as well as taking them along on the foodie journey!
While this may not be the end of 7Up’s Foodie journey and hunt for #AsalFoodie and we all wait for another surprise from 7Up which I’m sure you would not want to miss out, So keep yourself posted on all the latest happenings on 7Up’s foodie journey by following them on their Facebook page and Twitter.

Let’s Keep Rollin with the quest to find the #AsalFoodie with 7Up!

7UP Advertising Press

7UP TVC and the hunt for #AsalFoodie


All the foodies have geared up since the new 7UP TVC came out. While we all were celebrating “Food ka love” with 7UP, this time it’s not about the Food ka love alone, it’s the quest to find the “AsalFoodie” (The real foodie)

7UP TVC’s came up with a very relatable and the most celebrated thing in our culture “Food”, with its catchy jingle and pairing of food items with 7UP it was an instant hit! The new TVC and the jingle still hold you to celebrating the love for food with higher notes and beats. The part saying “Asal foodie ki Kahani” (Story of the Real Foodie) gives an instant jolt of foodie power and the background voice Asal Foodie is quite impactful too.

And this is not it, if you’ve read the post title it says ‘hunt for #AsalFoodie’. So this time 7UP is not only taking you to the foodie journey but, is challenging you to prove if you really are #AsalFoodie. There is quite a buzz around Facebook and everyone has changed their profile and cover photos to the very fun and quirky ones provided on 7UP Facebook page.  If you’re the #AsalFoodie enter the contest, they’re giving away iPads to the best profile. While I’m quite confident in winning this title, you can try your luck too by following the contest details and choosing the profile and cover photos from the links below.
7UP Win an iPad Contest Details  >>>Click Here<<<

7UP #AsalFoodie Cover Photos   >>>Click Here<<<

7UP #AsalFoodie Profile  Pictures >>>Click Here<<<
Here is the one I created and using to show my foodie love with 7UP (as my profile picture)
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Advertising Digital Campaign Press Sting Sting TV Commercial

New Electrifying Sting TVC 2015

The series of STING TVCs are just perfect at conveying what Sting Energy Drink can do – Energize You! And this time around Sting is back with yet another Interesting Concept “Open Waters”, a Brand New Commercial with a very Electrifying Tag Line “Energy ka Jhatzzka”

The new Sting TVC takes you on a fun Water boat ride, but wait a minute …. What?? The motor died – The Problem. The cute looking guy on the boat has Sting – Gulp it and then the amazing dance moves (I bet you want to learn those) got all energized and swings the motor back in action – Problem Solved! (oh yeah!)

Sting commercials never fail to amuse you and have a unique way of conveying to consumers that they can actually do things which they thought they cant do. From running escalators to running Ferris wheel and now a boat there is nothing that you can’t do. All you need is an #EnergyKaJhatzzka by Sting and consider your problem solved.

The New Sting TVC appeared online and seems like Sting digital has re-started with this new commercial.  With its digital presence lets wait and see what more Sting Digital has to offer.

If you haven’t seen the commercial yet, don’t feel left out I’ve got it here for you:

Sting – #EnergyKaJhatzzzka
The #EnergyKaJhatzzzka is back and this time it’s here to electrocute all! Are you ready?
Posted by Sting Energy Drink on Monday, May 11, 2015

And for those who would suggest Sting is a dangerous product imploring young people to risk their lives in pursuit of thrills I say more power to them. In my opinion, Sting’s message is a far sight more aspirational than most drinks advertising.

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MAGGI MAGGI Recipes Press

MAGGI Cook Studio | Healthy Innovative Cooking with MAGGI

  • By
  • January 3, 2015
Year 2014 was a year of great challenges and new discoveries for me. It was a year that completely changed my life and gave me the power to stand strong. It was the year that helped me identify a new passion – a passion for cooking and a year that enabled me to connect with the world which I had almost forgotten. The past year with all its glory ended on a very different yet wonderful experience; one that brought back nostalgic childhood memories.

In December, I was invited to MAGGI Cook Studio – a healthy and tasty culinary experience! The MAGGI Cook Studio aims at providing a platform for home-cooks to experiment and learn the art of cooking unique dishes and recipes using MAGGI as the main ingredient and to enhance the culinary experience of healthy, tasty and nutritious cooking.

Nestle unleashed its brand MAGGI in Pakistan almost 20 years ago with its traditional ‘2-minutes noodles’. I still remember the advertisement from my childhood where the mommy prepares MAGGI for her child to fulfill his hunger needs saying “Bas 2 Minute”. It was with the introduction of this easy to cook snack that instant noodles became synonymous to MAGGI Noodles that were ‘Fast to cook and good to eat’
With Nestlé’s approach to being a “health and wellness” company there has been a healthier change in MAGGI too and transformed it into a healthier product.
MAGGI Noodles are one convenient food that is not only enjoyed by the children but by consumers of all age groups. MAGGI Cook Studio has been a culinary throwback to my childhood from which I remember having hot & fresh MAGGI Noodles from those MAGGI trucks in the market and during cultural exhibitions and festivals. I’m glad for the reintroduction and feel like that MAGGI Cook Studio reacquainted me with a long lost childhood friend.
We love MAGGI Noodles just the way they are; with soup or without, we even love having them in our salads or with vegetables- We simply love MAGGI! But that’s not all, if variety is the spice of life then innovation and creativity is what MAGGI Cook studio brings to your home. In this post, I’ll be sharing new ways to cook your favorite MAGGI Noodles that were shared with us in MAGGI Cook Studio.
HEARTY MAGGI TIKKA NOODLES SOUP – A 15-minutes super easy and delicious noodles soup just perfect to warm you up in cold chilly nights. Try it out!
1 pack MAGGI Spicy Chicken Tikka Flavor
¼ cup Chicken, small cubes
3 cups Water
¼ cup Chili Garlic Ketchup
1 tsp Soy sauce
½ tsp Vinegar
¼ tsp Black pepper powder
1 Tbsp. Corn flour
2 Tbsp. Spring Onion Greens, chopped
1.       Sauté Chicken pieces in MAGGI Taste Maker for 3-5 minutes till its tender
2.       In a bowl mix  together ketchup, soy sauce, vinegar and black pepper powder
3.       Add this mixture to the chicken and cook for about a minute
4.       Now add water to it and bring to a boil. Now add MAGGI Noodles and let it cool till its tender
5.       Once MAGGI Noodles are cooked, add corn flour dissolved in water to the soup until it thicken to desired consistency
6.       Garnish with chopped spring onion
7.       Serve hot with garlic bread
MAGGI TIKKA KEBABS – Super easy to make, these MAGGI tikka kebab make a fantastic side dish that the whole family will love
2 packs MAGGI Spicy Chicken Tikka Flavor
1 Fillet Chicken, small cubes
1 potato, boiled and mashed
2-3 green chilies, chopped
½ tsp Salt
½ tsp Crushed Red Chilies
1 Lemon, juice
2 Tbsp. Oil, for shallow frying
1 Charcoal
1.       Boil 2 packs of MAGGI noodles(without taste maker) in 4 cups water till noodles are tender. Drain and set aside
2.       Marinate the chicken fillet with 1 pack of MAGGI taste maker, 2 Tbsp. yougurt and 1 tsp garlic and ginger paste for 30 minutes and then grill it till cooked
3.       In a bowl mix together MAGGI noodles, mashed potato, cubes of cooked chicken, green chilies, 1 pack of MAGGI taste maker and the remaining spices.
4.       Combine all the ingredients well and make kebabs in desired shape.
5.       Heat a pan with oil and shallow fry the Tikka kebabs. Take out and place on kitchen towel to remove excess oil.
6.       To add the perfect Tikka flavor, Place all the kebabs in the frying pan, put a steamed charcoal piece in the center and cover with a lid for 3 minutes.
7.       Your Smokey charcoaled MAGGI Tikka Kebabs are ready to be served with mint chutney.
MAGGI NOODLES CHICKEN TIKKA PIZZA – Now who would have heard of MAGGI Noodles Pizza without any flour or yeast? Giving the perfect pizza taste this MAGGI Noodles Pizza is a must try for all Pizza lovers! Your Pizza fix in just 20 minutes.
3 packs MAGGI Spicy Chicken Tikka Flavor
3 Eggs, beaten
½ cup Carrot, finely chopped
½ cup Capsicum, finely chopped
½ cup Cabbage, finely chopped
½ tsp Salt
½ tsp Black pepper powder
½ tsp Red Chili Flakes
2 Tbsp. Chili Sauce
3 Tbsp. Mozzarella Cheese, grated
½ Cup Chicken, diced
1 Tbsp. Oil
1.       Boil MAGGI Noodles (without taste maker) in 4 cups water till noodles are tender. Drain and keep aside
2.       In a bowl beat eggs and add all the spices along with the 2 packs MAGGI taste makers
3.       Add MAGGI noodles and chopped vegetables in this mixture and mix well
4.       Pour oil in a nonstick pan and add the noodles in it.
5.       Keep the pan covered on low heat for 5-8 minutes and then flip it once it has changed in color
6.       Cook from the other side. When done, remove from pan
7.       Marinate Chicken fillet with 1 pack of MAGGI taste maker and grill it until cooked. Cut them in dices and top it on the noodle pizza
8.       Sprinkle cheese on the top and microwave it for 2 minutes till the cheese melts
9.       Enjoy yummy MAGGI Noodles Chicken Tikka Pizza!
CREAMY SPINACH SAUCE WITH CHICKEN TIKKA MAGGI NOODLES – a 20 minute meal and a delicious recipe!
3 packs MAGGI Spicy Chicken Tikka Flavor
1 pcs Chicken Fillet
1 cup Spinach, boiled and blended
1 Tbsp. Butter
¼ tsp Salt
½ tsp Crushed Red Chili flakes
3 tbsp. Milkpak Cream
1-2 slices Cheese
Oil, for frying
1.       Boil MAGGI Noodles in 6 cups of water until tender. Drain and place in a bowl. Sprinkle 1 pack of MAGGI taste maker on the noodles and mix well
2.       Marinate chicken fillet with 1 pack of MAGGI taste maker for 20 minutes, grill it on medium heat till tender. Cut in medium strips
3.       In a pan on medium heat add blended spinach, butter, salt and crushed red chilies and stir for a few minutes
4.       Add Milkpak cream and 1 pack of MAGGI taste maker. Mix well
5.       To assemble, on the serving plate add a layer of MAGGI noodles, now add Chicken pieces on top of it. Next, top it with the spinach sauce and finally place cheese slices on it. Warm it up in the microwave till cheese melts
6.       Serve hot!
MAGGI SPICY TIKKA NOODLES – Spicy noodle stir fry with vegetables, super healthy and easy
4 packs MAGGI Spicy Chicken Tikka Flavor
1 Tbsp. Oil
½ tsp Ginger Garlic paste
¼ cup Carrots, diced
¼ cup Capsicum, diced
¼ cup Onion, diced
2 fillet Chicken, grilled and julienne
1 Tbsp. Oyster Sauce
1 Tbsp. Soy Sauce
1 tsp Vinegar
¼ tsp Salt, if needed
½ cup, Spring Onion, for garnish
1.  Boil 4 packs of MAGGI noodles in 6-7 cups water till tender. Drain and keep aside
2. Marinate Chicken fillet with 1 pack of MAGGI taste maker, ½ cup of yogurt and 1 tsp of ginger garlic paste for 30 minutes. Grill it in 2 tbsp. Oil till its tender. Cut the chicken length wise
3.       In a pan add 1 Tbsp. oil and add garlic ginger paste, sauté’ till its golden.
4.       Now add all the vegetables and MAGGI taste maker and stir fry vegetables for 2-3 minutes
5.       Add grilled chicken pieces to along with boiled MAGGI Noodles.
6.       In a small bowl mix together oyster sauce, soy sauce and vinegar. Pour this sauce on the noodles.
7.       Toss everything together, adjust spices according to taste
8.       Garnish with spring onions and serve!
These were just a few recipes that were demonstrated in the MAGGI Cook studio but this was not all, it was a very engaging and interactive session where a lot kitchen tips and tricks were shared, a lot of cooking questions were answered, jokes were shared and it came to an end with a very healthy and learning experience with a lot of pictures and selfies!
MAGGI Cook Studio bid good-bye to its participants with MAGGI goodie bags!
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