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Favorite Autumn Lipsticks

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  • November 1, 2018
Autumn, the season of change brings with it cool weather which means it’s the time of the year for knitted jumpers, cozy scarfs and spiced lattes. But, for makeup enthusiasts this transitional season brings something more exciting – new makeup products and skin care routine! Changing the makeup to the season palette is just like adding a new piece to your wardrobe – preparing for the season and just being on the trend.
The one makeup product that changes for me with the season is the Lipstick. I just love the fact that how one thing (a lipstick) can completely transform your look from drab to fab!

The thing that concerns me the most during this transitional season is how my skin behaves. I have dry skin so I’m mostly looking out for products that keep my skin moistened and hydrated. With the lipstick trends when it comes to pulling off the right shade, matte finish lipstick trend might not be the best one for people like me who get chapped and dry lips in autumn/winter easily.

While lip exfoliation and using lip balm is an option for smotth application of lipsticks but I’m the kind of person who’d rather choose a formula that would keep the lips moisturized and won’t enhance any cracks. The best lipsticks that I have found and are my favorite this Autumn are by Estée Lauder from their Pure Envy Sculpting Lipstick Collection.
What makes these Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipsticks my favorite is the formula. This range of lipsticks is formulated with time-release moisture complex with hyaluronic acid that helps capture and infuse hydration leaving the lips soft and moisturized. Making these lipsticks a must-have for Autumn/Fall season.
The lipsticks are highly pigmented, glides on easily and covers lips fully in just one swipe. The texture is smooth and creamy but light. It has a satin-finish and a very comfortable texture that you won’t even know you’re wearing something. The shades have a good staying power and can last from 4-6 hours depending on the shade. It is a bit transferable but not like it’ll completely come off.
I also really like the shape of the lipstick bullet, the way it is sculpted. It makes the application very easy covering the lips fully. You don’t even need a lip pencil with these lipsticks. Theses have a sweet, vanilla scent and no taste at all and come in a luxurious gold and navy case with magnetic closure.
Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipsticks are available in 21 shades ranging from nudes to browns, pinks to berries, corals to reds and mauves to plums. My favorites for the Autumn Season are from each category category, almost.
The first shade is Estee Lauder Pure Color Sculpting Lipstick Intense Nude in number 130. This shade is a mid-tone rosy neutral. Comes from the Nudes to Browns category. It has warm undertones but is more on the pink-brown nude side which makes it a perfect nude shade for me. While Nude Shade is very personal to each person, I think this one is the perfect shade for me. 
It’s a very everyday kind of a shade which you can wear to work or just every day. The texture is light and creamy, it doesn’t accentuate any cracks on the lips. With it’s luminous finish and rich, opaque coverage this lipstick shade has become my everyday go-to lipstick.
For more dramatic and bold lips we have Vengeful Red in shade 350. It is a perfect crimson red, is vibrant with a luminous sheen just what a red lipstick shade should be like. With it’s full opaque coverage the lipstick glides on beautifully giving you fuller lips for a curvious pout. 
The color has a strong staying power and after 4-5 hours it leaves a stain making your lips look tinted and that’s what I absolutely love about this shade. 
Shade Dynamic  in number 410  is from the mauves and plums family but the shade is more on a muted, dusty rose side. It has coral undertone making it more like a mid-tone warm neutral shade. Because it has rosy coral undertones this shade look beautiful when applied.
It’s not really nude but gives a kick of color on your lips making them appear fuller. It’s again an everyday kind of a shade and is work appropriate too. You can build up the color to intensify the shade a bit but it looks very natural as it is too.
Here are the watches of the all 3 shades from  Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick collection. Overall I’m really impressed with the formula and wear-ability of these lipsticks. These are a bit pricey but are so much worth the investment. 
These are easy to wear, come in so many shades and keep your lips supple and hydrated. 

Have you tried any of the Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipsticks? What is your favorite shade from the collection?

Do you have any Autumn Favorite Lipsticks? 
Do give these lipsticks a try this season. You won’t be dissapointed, I promise.
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Bag Crossbody Bag Fab Grab Made in Pakistan Reviews

Fab Grab: Printed Crossbody Bag by Mockingjay

Newest addition to my bags collection is this beautiful printed Crossbody Bag  by  Mockingjay. The day this beauty was introduced by the designer at the recent Daachi Exhibition  in Lahore I was literally drooling over it’s gorgeousness, design print and of course the color!

The shape of the bag is crisp and clean, has got that Crossbody comfort, size is just perfect to keep you organized and carry your favorite things with you – this bag has got it all.

Lately I’ve been crushing on all things yellow, mustard, orange and anything around the same color family (if that makes sense), which pretty much tells what made me get this bag. The Tan color of the bag complements the print design beautifully which is sure to add a pop of personality to any ensemble. I’ve been carrying this bag around with my every outfit, from lawn suits to casual jeans. It definitely adds to your overall look. You can check out how I paired (styled) it with my favorite lawn suit here. Also what I love the most about all bags from Mockingjay is, the bags are uber stylish, trendy and above all Made in Pakistan (heart)
Priced at Rs. 1600 only this affordable yet really trendy Crossbody bag is a must have this season. It comes in three different colors: Tan, Pink and Green with pretty prints on the front and back. All bags have adjustable Crossbody strap, making it easier for you to carry, just the way you like it. 
I have my eyes on the other two gorgeous colors and I might make a purchase again and get them both because these are too just too pretty to be missed. You can order this bag from Mockingjay Facebook page here or from their Instagram here
Ceramics Fab Grab Kitchen Finds Reviews

Fab Grab : Gorgeous Blush Pink Mug by Clayworks

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  • November 9, 2016
I am absolutely obsessed with mugs at the moment and for an avid-chai drinker like I am, it’s pretty normal I suppose. I mean how can you not buy the most gorgeous looking Mug and not make it a part of your life? You just can’t do that! And this gorgeous Blush Pink Mug with gold accents by Clayworks is just so pretty that it is now a fancy addition to my Mugs Collection.

Chai or Coffee has become our daily staple. It’s more like a morning, afternoon or an evening ritual something we just can’t do without and as they say “Good tea needs a Good cup” (in my case mug) it’s only fair that we choose to enjoy it in a fabulous mug. And this mug rightly serves that purpose. It’s gorgeously elegant, the gold accents perfectly compliment the color and make it look all-so-fancy and super classy.
Clayworks  is the manufacturer of ceramic tableware and fun ceramic accessories. They have a huge variety of ceramic tableware and accessories that are equally unique and fabulous. The mug is priced at Rs. 1200 and the best thing it is microwave safe. You can order it through Clayworks Facebook page here or from their outlets in Lahore and Islamabad. In Karachi they stock at Ensemble and for online purchasing you can buy their products from
This mug is also available in Powder Blue and that too is really pretty. So, if you have a chai partner who is as enthusiastic about chai as you are you can order his & her mugs from clay works in blush pink and powder blue. And if you don’t like having chai in mug, they have teacup and saucer sets in blush pink and powder blue too – they’ve got everyone covered. They do customized orders as well, for details visit their Facebook Page and you can view more of their products and popular items on their Instagram page.
Everyday chai just got fancier with this oh so feminine mug. I Adore the color and that gold touch to it. As much as I like it for myself, it definitely would make a perfect gift for those chai-obsessed or mug-obsessed friends too!
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Beauty Crush Beauty Reviews Fab Grab Hair Trends LOB

Hair Update: The LOB & the Products I’m Loving

I finally made the bold decision to chop off my long locks and hop on the chic LOB (long bob) trend. By now you all must be familiar with this hair lingo LOB, which basically is a long bob hairstyle that can be anywhere between your shoulders and collar bones. I’m absolutely loving my LOB, it’s so hassle-free, low maintenance, gives hair a very healthy feel and is so chic!

The last time I had short hair was during my early university years so cutting my hair short was a difficult decision for me. I took about a month to decide, yes I know that’s pretty long but I took this long because I got balayage on my long hair and just loved it (see here) so I really really wanted to keep it that way, but then I also wanted this neat edged, straight cut bob. But I’m glad I made this decision, LOB is the perfect length for my face and my hair look so much healthier and the grown-out balayage gives it a very nice highlights effect.

Keeping it for almost 2 weeks now I’ve been trying to learn all the ins and outs of styling the short hair and decided to share the products I’m loving on my LOB for anyone who is interested in getting, or has already made the chop.
Volume – LOB looks good when it’s bouncy and the hair has volume. Even for a sleek bob the hair needs volume otherwise it’ll look totally flat. I’ve very fine hair so for me a volumizing shampoo is a must, otherwise my hair start to look flat. I’ve been using this Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume Shampoo from quite sometime now and it does wonders for my hair. It actually adds volume to my hair with every wash. This shampoo actually does what it says, adds volume and shine to the hair. I use the one that’s made in UAE, so do check the back of the bottle to see where it’s made.
Soft & Shiny – To keep the hair super soft and to achieve that sleek look I started using this Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Conditioner with Argan Oil and my o my what an amazing product this is. First, it smells so so good it literally gives you that spa kind of feel, and it stays for long too. As for the conditioner it’s one conditioner that I’m absolutely loving and am totally impressed with. It makes my hair really really soft and tangle-free even if I don’t brush one whole day after washing my hair, even the next day its so easy to brush my hair all because of this conditioner (yes, I try to air dry my hair and try to keep the natural waves, so yes, I do no-hairbrush-days occasionally). How I use it? After shampooing my hair I take a small amount of conditioner and apply it to the ends of my hair, leave it on for 1-2 minutes to settle and then rinse off. Ta da! There you have it super soft, shiny and tangle-free hair
The Oomph – With the Pantene Sheer Volume shampoo and Suave Moroccan Infusion conditioner you get both volume and silky soft hair but to give hair an extra lift, movement and a bit of more texture to the LOB the one product I found that gives the hair the required oomph is this  Loreal TXT Volume Texturizing Spray. This is a steal deal for some very high priced texturizing sprays, this adds and instant body and texture to the LOB, because for a LOB it’s all about being playful and working with textures. So if you’re going for a sleek look or beachy waves, add some oomph to it with Loreal Volume Texturizing Spray, it’s very light on the hair, smells AMAZING and give instant body to the LOB

These are the products I’m loving these days for my new short hair, the Long Bob (aka LOB). Have you tried these? Do you have any favorites or recommendations, share with me by commenting below.

 Disclaimer- This is by no means a sponsored posts. All products were purchased by myself and all the views and opinions expressed are mine.

Post cover image from here 
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Fab Grab Kitchen Finds Reviews

Fab Grab: Mitti Pow Chai Mug

I’m an avid morning-tea drinker, mornings without chai (tea) are sad, boring and incomplete. Although I’m not a morning-breakfast person but I definitely am the morning-chai person. Which makes me a collector of fun, quirky, colorful mugs too (apparently all the ones I’m attracted to) and the moment I saw this Mitti Pow Mug it was love-at-first-sight-kind-of-attraction.

“Mitti Pow” is a desi phrase used by Punjabi people mostly, when they want to finish an argument or ask to forget something. Mitti Pow or Mitti Pao literally means Bury It.

The very moment I saw this mug, it ignited my Punjabi-ness  and I had to order it. The creative brains behind this mug is Oddpot.

 Oddpot is an online shop and  maker of colorful, fun, quirky and fabulous everyday products and stationery items. They sell through their Facebook Page Here. This Mitti Pow mug is priced at Rs. 650 and they ship nationwide. To order you can simply Facebook Inbox them or email at
Every time I see this mug on my work desk, it brings an instant joy and perhaps a little motivation too, to just bury some stuff and move on to priority tasks. Today someone asked, is it your “Personal Motto?” I’ve started to feel it is! “Mitti Pow – WoW like a Ninja (HA HA)
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Beauty Fab Grab Flamingo Makeup

Fab Grab: Flamingo Makeup bag

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  • October 28, 2015
Summers were all about Flamingos this year, from clothes to accessories everything had Flamingos on it. This cute pink leggy bird got us all in this year’s Flamingo Fever. And how could I keep myself away from such a cute thing, I had to get myself something Flamingo,which obviously was not just one thing but out of all things Flamingo, the one thing I adore the most is this Flamingo Makeup Bag!

I had been looking for a good, spacious makeup bag for sometime now but I couldn’t find the one that would fit all my needs. I love carrying my everyday essentials/makeup in my bag so there are quite a few items (read a lot) that I carry with me and I couldn’t find that one makeup bag. And then came the Flamingo Season which made me get a Flamingo Makeup bag so badly that I had to order a customized one. Yes, I ordered a customized Makeup Bag from Fray Design Studio

Fray Design Studio offers fabulous Art, Lifestyle and Home Decor products and upon discussing with them my customized order they agreed on it instantly. Not only did they make me choose the print and color of the bag but also gave me two different design options too. They’re absolutely creative people making amazing products.

This super cute Flamingo Makeup Bag has an exterior made of Pink Flamingo print on cotton canvas, it is lined with a matching pink color and the interior is lined with polyurethane, it has a zip closure and one main compartment. The dimensions of the bag are 10″ wide  x 6″ high x 4″ deep and it’s priced at Rs. 1200. You can order this makeup bag from Fray Design Studio’s Facebook Page here 
This darling flamingo print makeup bag has made carrying my everyday essentials so much easy and in a lot more organized way. I’m loving this bag!
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Azadi Special Fab Grab Independence Day Special Pakistan Products

Fab Grab: Azadi Special Favorites

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  • August 7, 2015
PAKISTAN is turning 68 on 14th August this year and I’m super excited. As soon as the month of August begins I turn overly patriotic (not that I’m not patriotic all other months), I just feel that way in August particularly because it’s Independence Month + My Birthday Month, so good enough reason for me to be excited.

The entire nation is in full Jashan-e-Azadi (Independence day) spirit. From the 1st of August people set up stalls on streets, markets and on corners of the roads selling Pakistan flags, badges, small paper flags (jhandia), stickers and other independence day special merchandise. It’s actually so much fun, as the cities start turning green and white in every way, from illuminated buildings to waving National Flags atop houses and buildings. At night its a beautifully lit sight, homes and buildings illuminated with fairy lights in national colors (green & white) is Simply Stunning! 
Another attraction is the special Independence Day collections introduced by different brands on these occasions. Out of the many products that I came across this year, this Painted National Flag with National Anthem by Pith was love at first sight, like literally.
Aren’t these amazing? I love these Flag Prints with National Anthem. These are available in 2 sizes, Small (12×16) and Large (31×61) the perfect size to give your walls some patriotic color. These are very reasonably priced at Rs. 1200 and Rs. 3100 so grab this fast , just like I did!
Pith also has really fabulous Independence day products collection check them all out here
Another product that stole my heart was this truck-art designed digital print cushion by Fray Design Studio from their Independence day special collection.
I was totally sold on the design, the color scheme and how beautifully the Minar-e-Pakistan stands there. As they say “Lahore Lahore Aye” and for a true and proud Lahori, that I am this had to become mine. It’s priced at Rs. 1500 and can be purchased from Fray Design Studio’s Facebook Page here
They’ve got a whole lot of products from art-prints to cushions, t-shirts to tea coasters, from notebooks to phone covers all items very unique and amazing.
I enjoy the whole Azadi spirit, you get to see so much enthusiasm in every individual and the love they hold for their country.
I’m proud to be a Pakistani!
What are your favorite Independence Day Special products this year?
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Beauty Crush Beauty Reviews Fab Grab

Beauty Crush: WoW your Brows with Essecne Eyebrow Gel

We’ve all heard the phrase ” Your eyebrows can make you or break you” which is quite true. While we all struggle for the perfect eyebrows, the changing eyebrow shape trends make it difficult to follow since not all of us are blessed with a perfect pair. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make a perfect pair, how we do it? We do it with Essence Eyebrow Gel.

I’ve been on a struggle to have a perfect pair of eyebrows until recently, though at occasions I have tried using pencils and powders for defined eyebrows and to fill in thin and sparse eyebrows but not as a routine. Recently, I came across Essence Eyebrow Gel and thought of giving it a try.. I mean who doesn’t want beautiful, defined, lust-worthy brows? Your eyebrows actually are the focal point of your look and really define your face.
While the trends will continue to change there will always be the need for mastering the technique to get fuller brows.  Achieving bold brows was never too easy, a little grooming and with the right product you can WoW your Brows!  and when the product is budget friendly its a great deal.
Essence-Eyebrow-Gel-Review-TTTB This eyebrow gel from essence in shade brown (01) is a perfect color to suit all types of brows. It comes in a small glass pot and as it says Color & Shape, this gels helps tame unruly brows, emphasizes and defines the brow shape, helps fill in sparse areas for a fuller brows that are also natural looking.  
The formula is light and non-sticky, its quick dry with a powdery finish that hold unruly brows in place and offers long-lasting results. It’s quite easy to apply too, I use Essence Precise Eyeliner Brush to apply this gel. The eyeliner brush is angled and has soft bristles that makes it easier to define the eyebrows and as its soft so you can always build up and apply product to you satisfaction.
How to Apply?
Here are some very basic steps to achieve full, defined and natural looking brows using Essence Eyebrow Gel
Step 1: Outline the shape of your eyebrows using the eyebrow gel (or make an outline of desired shape, for a natural look follow your natural brow shape)
Step 2: Starting from the center of the brow to the end start filling sparse areas on your brows in the direction of your natural hair line to smooth stray hair and to keep them in place
Step 3: Work in the same way on the inner (start) of the brow, following the direction of the hair line. Run the product one more time with the brush on the entire brow to smooth it precisely and to even out the look.
That’s it, you have achieved WoW brows that are well-defined, full and perfectly natural-looking. Wasn’t that easy? I bet it is.
For a person like me who is new to brow gels, this Essence Eyebrow Gel is a great product to begin with. It’s budget friendly, priced at Rs. 560 and easily available at cosmetics stores and online makeup stores. 
Eyebrows had been a neglected part of my makeup routine but not anymore. I’m loving this budget-friendly, delivers-what-it-says kind of a product by Essence.
You can check out their products on their website here and Facebook page here
Have you tried this eyebrow gel?  
What’s your favorite product for WoW brows?
Fab Grab Fabulous Reveal First Anniversary Giveaway Giveaway

We have a Winner – TTTB First Anniversary Giveaway


Woohoo!! We have a Winner and we are totally, awesomely, completely Excited Announcing it!

These two weeks and 3 days of the TTTB First Anniversary Giveaway Contest have been amazing only because of all you fabulous people who participated, showed interest and stayed with us throughout. We have some newbies on the blog too and are loving your enthusiasm over it.

Though we have selected a winner but this is not it, I’ve already planned a few more giveaways in the coming months so don’t be disappointed you might just get lucky!

All these amazing prizes were sponsored by our fabulous sponsors who have been really kind to us and made our Blog’s First Anniversary Celebrations worthwhile. So THANK YOU! all are fabulous sponsors for collaborating with us and showering us with your love and support.

Here’s a quick recap of all the fabulous items our Winner will receive:

~  Calligraphy Earrings by Project Rich
~  Hair and Skin Care Products by Conatural 
~ Crystal Ear Cuff by Fashionista Diaries
~ GHD Hair Straightener, Midnight Collection by Brands Arena PK
~  Home Decor Products by Fray Design Studio
~ Digital Art Print by Graphiti  
~  Coffee Mug by Essence Pakistan
~ Essence Cosmetics by Tickle those Tastebuds
~ Pop Art Camera Clutch by Closet 11
~ Apparel, combo by Lahori Ink
~ Hand Painted Ceramic Plate by TDR-The Drawing Room
~ Superfoods by Linwoods Pakistan

And Here’s our Winner…


Anum Fatima from Karachi, Pakistan is the winner of our Fisrt Anniversary Giveaway. CONGRATULATIONS!!!  The winner was chosen randomly using the Gleam App. The Giveaway was administered by the Gleam App and all the terms and conditions set forth.

The winner will be contacted by July 26th, 2015 via email so please make sure is in your safe list. If you don’t receive an email by July 26th please contact me by email or inbox me on the facebook page.

I’m super excited to pack all the items and send it your way with all my love!

Once again I’d like to thank all of you who participated in the giveaway contest and all the fabulous sponsors for being a part of TTTB First Anniversary Celebrations. I’ve got some more fabulous giveaways planned for you so you can expect some exciting prizes coming your way in the next months.

After reciving such an overwhelming response, next year it’ll be more fabulous and more exciting!

Cheers – Keep Tickling those Tastebuds!

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Blog Anniversary Fab Grab Fabulous Reveal First Anniversary Giveaway Giveaway

[Now Closed] It’s First Anniversary Giveaway for you!


Hey TTTB Readers! The day is finally here and we officially begin our First Anniversary Celebrations!

We’ve got a fabulous selection of prizes, all of which we truly love and are proud to have as our First Anniversary Giveaway. So let the excitement continue and begin.

Before that let’s have a look at all the Fabulous Prizes once again, which are worth Rs. 45000.

You can imagine how awesome this is going to be. There will be One Winner, who’s going to get all of the Fabulous items we have for you.

Here is what the Winner will receive


  The Prizes Include: (find details here)

   ~ Project Rich Calligraphy Earrings
   ~ Conatural Hair and Skin Care Products
   ~ Fashionista Diaries Crystal Ear Cuff
   ~ Brands Arena PK GHD Hair Straightener, Midnight Collection
   ~ Fray Design Studio Home Decor Products
   ~ Graphiti Digital Art Print
   ~ Essence Pakistan Coffee Mug
   ~ Essence Cosmetics
   ~ Closet 11 Pop Art Camera Clutch
   ~ Lahori Ink Apparel, combo

Fabulous Right? Ready to begin? Before we start here are a few things which need to be shared and understood.

Some Important Stuff

1. The contest has two steps, for the First Step you are required to complete a few actions and only then move on to the Second Step. The Second Step is administered by Gleam App and has all the terms and conditions listed. Please read the Terms and Conditions before entering. By participating in the Giveaway you agree to accept and are bound by all terms and conditions listed.
2. The Giveaway will open July 6th, 2015 at 3:00PM PST (Pakistan Standard Time) and will run for 17 days. The Giveaway contest closes on July 22nd, 2015 at 11:59PM PST.
3. For every action you complete you gain an entry point. So more the entry points, more the chances of you winning.
4. To begin participating you will need to login with your email account, facebook or twitter account. The points you gain will be linked to that account.  If you’re already signed in to any of your accounts log out and log in again to begin the contest.
5. You will be asked to provide your email address, through which you will be notified if you win the contest. Please make sure is in your safe list, so that you receive the email.
6. If you have any trouble using the Gleam App or have any questions please comment below or inbox on the Facebook page here and I’ll help you out.

Let’s Begin!

Step 1

1. Follow Fashionista Diaries on Instagram here
2. Follow Fray Design Studio on Instagram here
3. Follow Essence Pakistan on Instagram here
4. Follow Lahori Ink on Instagram here
5. In the step below, for every Facebook Page you visit, you have to Like that Page

Step 2
Tickle those Tastebuds First Anniversary Giveaway

Have Fun Participating and Good Luck!