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Biscoff Filled Doughnuts

Fresh homemade, light and airy doughnuts oozing with Lotus Biscoff filling, topped with the delicious Biscoff glaze and crushed Biscoff biscuits – an insanely delicious treat!⁣


Geo Heart Red Velvet Cakes [Video]

Learn how to make these super fun GEOMETRIC HEARTS with a SURPRISE. These are SMASHABLE HEARTS, which have been trending so much.


Punjabi Rajma Masala

Rajma Masala or Red kidney Bean Curry a popular dish from the Punjabi cuisine. It is a warm, comforting vegetarian curry of red kidney beans in a spiced tomato gravy served with steamed basmati rice.


Lahori Chikar Chole [Mushy Chickpeas Curry]

Lahori Chikar Chole a quintessential street food recipe from Lahore. It is thick and mushy chickpea curry packed with flavour, rich in proteins, healthy, hearty, vegan and gluten free. It is best paired with puri, naan or kulcha.


Punjabi Kadhi Pakora

A classic, delicious dish of creamy and tangy spiced yoghurt curry with pakoras (fritters) simmered in the curry making it a richly satisfying dish. Punjabi Kadhi pakora is a Pakistani/Indian comfort food.


Punjabi Mooli Paratha [Video Recipe}

Punjabi Mooli Paratha - a delicious, nutritious and filling winter favourite.

Punjabi Dal Makhani (Black Dal)

Punjabi Dal Makhani (Black Dal)

Punjabi Dal Makhani (BlackDal) a popular vegetarian lentil dish from Punjab, is an indulgent dal with buttery and creamy gravy, subtle spices and balanced flavours.


Chinese Almond Chicken

This stir fry of tender chicken, bright and colourful vegetables and crispy almonds in a light savoury sauce, is packed with oriental flavours and is addictively delicious.


Hot & Sour Soup - Restaurant Worthy!

This classic Chinese Hot and Sour Soup recipe is an easy make-at-home version that is truly Restaurant worthy! Bold flavours, crunchy vegetables and chicken, this soup is a family favourite.


Creamy Chicken and Spinach Bake

Spinach and chicken bake with creamy white sauce and crispy toasted crumbs – delicious flavours are packed into this protein-rich baked casserole recipe.